The new Cubicus is an energy saving complete saltwater aquarium in a stylish design. Using perfect and efficient elements for current filter technique and illumination this complete aquarium guarantees durable and easy care functionality plus a lot of fun in keeping salt water animals.The design is perfectly configured to direct the focus of the observer to the marine wildlife and to let the technique disappear in the background. The appearance is completed through the use of Optiwhite? glass which guarantees the observer the colour rendering of the animals at its best.

Circulation: NanoProp 500 (12 V 3 ? 7 W) integrated into the rear panel
Skimmer: Turboflotor Blue 500 (8 watts)
Filter technique: integrated filter tank separated by a high quality glass rear panel with ad- justable surface flow.

Lighting: aquareefLED with 18 high performance Cree LEDs a 3 W (7 x 3 W blue and 11 x 3 W 12.000 K) with a total operating performance of 50 W. Therefore the keeping of light hungry animals is possible without any problems. Optionally we recommend the use of our sunrise control as programmable light control. The white and blue LEDs could be switched separately in groups. The light efficiency is 120 lumen/W.

Specifications: Dimensions: approx. 19.5 x 23.5 x 19.5 in. (l x w x h). Water volume approx. 36 gal.