Product Description

Saltwater aquarium incl. cabinet filter system

– Incl. glass cabinet filter, four-chamber system, pre-filter
chamber, two clear water chambers for putting up biological
and mechanical filters (e. g. skimmer) and filter media,
settling chamber
Dimensions (l x w x h): app. 40 x 47 x 45 cm,
water level max. 30 cm, volume max. 54 l
– Illumination: aquareefLED with 18 high performance Cree LEDs
à 3 Watt (7 x 3 W blue and 11 x 3 W white 12000 K) with a
total operating performance of app. 50 W
– Circulation pump DC Runner 1.2
– Protein skimmer EVO 500
– Cabinet, white

sunrise control, control for aquareefLED + control cable
– Aqua Medic Refill-System

Dimensions (l x w x h): app. 50 x 60 x 150 cm
water level app. 45 cm
volume app. 135 l